Helping Your child Experience the World Their Way with Guided Therapy Sessions

As human beings, we rely on our senses to discover the world and to create our motor memories, like riding a bike or dribbling a basketball. Without those senses, we feel lost, and our world is not being fully appreciated. Children are no exception, and in fact rely on their senses more than adults do. That is why Sensory Jim & Friends work tirelessly to enhance your child’s quality of life by improving their sensory and postural control.

Through passionate and family-centered care, we work to help you set meaningful goals, focus on your child’s strengths, and, within a comforting atmosphere, guide your child to their target through effective sensory integration therapy strategies. Each physical challenge is just as unique as the child, and we tailor and individualize each child’ s session directly to their physical needs and personality. Every session is individualized and runs 45-60 minutes depending on the tolerance level of your child.

When working with your child, the professionals at Sensory Jim & Friends incorporate a variety of proven physical therapy techniques including:

  • Gait Training
  • Therapeutic exercises with an emphasis on brain function and neuroplasticity
  • Dedicated home exercise programs
  • Sensory Diet & Lifestyle
  • Balance and incoordination
  • Manual Therapy and Myofascial Release
  • Alignment and Postural Control
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)
  • Sound Sensitivity Program

With the help of advanced sensory therapy, children can get back to doing the things that they love, and that every child deserves to experience:

  • Attending day care.
  • Getting involved in sports or after-school activities.
  • Playing with friends on the playground.
  • Paying attention in class.
  • Making new friends and playing with siblings.
  • Being creative